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Our Services

S & W Wood Floors offers high quality work performed by qualified professionals. When you call on us for your flooring needs, you can always trust that you are getting the best quality for an honest, fair price.

We Offer The Following Wood Flooring Services:

·        Refinish – Residential
·        Refinish – Commercial
·        Installation or Complete Replacement – Materials Provided by Consumer
·        Installation or Complete Replacement – Materials Not Provided by Consumer

Hardwood Choices

We also have a large selection of Hardwoods for you to choose from. These include Domestic and Exotic Hardwoods as well as reclaimed Hardwoods. Woods provide a large array of colors grains and textures to choose from.

·        Fir
·        Oak
·        Maple
·        Walnut
·        Birch
·        Jarrah
·        Wenge
·        Brazilian Cherry
·        Walnut
·        Hickory
·        Rosewood
·        Bamboo-Stranded
·        Carbonized

Most of these woods come pre-finished or raw ready for on-site finishing. They also come in 3/4 solid or engineered because of the differences in application. We have spent years building our knowledge and skills to provide you with the best possible experience from the very start.


Prior to new Flooring installations we check to insure you home is prepared for a wood floor by checking your sub floor moisture content thus reducing the chance for cracks later due to excessive moisture. Moisture is a Hardwood floors biggest enemy. Moisture and sources of moisture are what we look for prior to the installation of your new wood floor. This include an Exterior inspection as well as your crawl space. We will teach you about the interior environment and how to stabilize it reducing the movement of your new wood floor or your old floor. If your sub floor is ready for a wood floor we than deliver the material from a controlled climate warehouse. At this point we install your wood floor it is very important that the floor sit for 7-10 days after installation to acclimate prior to finishing. This is where the floor acclimates to your homes environment prior to finishing (Bundled wood will not acclimate properly).

Sanding of Old Floors

We take the time needed to remove razor cuts and stains in your existing flooring prior to filling the cracks and voids. (Some stains or marks require board replacement) (We provide this service) Our method of reducing the dust is by hanging plastic and using the latest vacuum assisted systems available. There will always be some dust after sanding floors. We do our best to reduce the amount left behind.