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Floor Care

Your floors are an essential part of making your home look amazing, and can add to the value of your home as well. However, they require dedication and specialized care to remain beautiful and keep from wearing down. Consider your floors an investment – the time and money required for upkeep is far less than replacement…. so take care of your floors!

Do’s and Dont’s (from wfca.org)

Don’t wax a wood floor with a urethane finish.

Don’t use ammonia cleaners or oil soaps on a wood floor — they’ll dull the finish and affect your ability to recoat later.

Don’t wet mop or use excessive water to clean your floor (wood naturally expands when it’s wet and can cause your floor to crack or splinter).

Do use cleaners that won’t leave a film or residue.

Do use a professional hardwood floor cleaner to remove occasional scuffs and heel marks (just spray some cleaner on a cloth and rub the stained area lightly).

Do clean sticky spots with a damp towel or sponge.

Do minimize water exposure and clean spills immediately.